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8th-10th June 2021

The specified time zone is MESZ/UTC/GMT +2 hours (Zurich). Send an e-mail to to receive access to the conference.

Tuesday, June 8th


Conference Opening – Welcome Address

Katharina Schmidt (German Protestant Institute of Archaeology), Benedikt Hensel (University of Zurich); Rocío Da Riva (University of Barcelona) and Mohammad al Najjar (Amman)

Welcome Address

Ahmad al Shami (Acting Director General of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan) 


Tribal Kingdoms and the Tribal Element in Southern Levantine Iron Age Polities with a special focus on Edom (20 min)

Oystein S. LaBianca, Andrews University

Social, Political, and Economic Changes in Lowland Edom during the Iron Age. Using Archaeological and Archaeometallurgical Evidence to model the change. Khirbet an Nahas as a Case Study (20 min)

Mohammad Al Najjar, Levantine Labs UC San Diego

Iron IIA Faynan and ‘Early Edom’: A Critique and an Alternative Scenario? (20 min)

Piotr Bienkowski, University of Manchester

until 17:45



Edom in the Nabonidus Chronicle: A Land Conquered or a Vassal Defended? A Reappraisal of the Annexation of North Arabia by the Late Babylonian Empire (20 min)

Hanspeter Schaudig, University of Heidelberg

The Hilltop Settlements of Edom: the Case of Sela (20 min)

Rocío Da Riva, University of Barcelona

until 19:25



ELRAP – Implications for an Integrated Regional Copper Industry and Local Complex Societies in the Wadi Arabah, Southern Levant (20 min)

Thomas E. Levy, UC San Diego

An Industrial Landscape: Regional Perspectives of Iron Age Faynan from Khirbat al-Jariya (20 min)

Brady Liss, UC San Diego

Ceramics and the Chronological Relationship between the Lowlands and Highlands of Ancient Edom (20 min)

Neil Smith, UC San Diego

until 21.25

Discussions – and Closing of the Day

Wednesday, June 9th


Opening of the Day


Late Iron Age Edom: Political Power and Social Dynamics in Southern Transjordan (20 min)

Andrew Danielson, University of California, Los Angeles

Biblical Scholarship and Edom: State of the Field and Perspectives for Future Research (20 min)

Benedikt Hensel, University of Zurich

Wadi Bayir area in SE Jordan and its Importance for the Cultural History of Pre-Islamic North Arabia as gleaned from its Epigraphical Heritage (20 min)

Hani Hayajneh, Yarmouk University 

until 17:45



Between Empire and Community in Iron Age Edom (20 min)

Bradley L. Crowell, Drake University

Assyria and Edom in Light of Northern Arabian Trade (20 min)

Alexander Johannes Edmonds, University of Tübingen

Growing at the Fringes of the Empire: Edom in Neo-Assyrian and other Contemporary Sources (20 min)

Ariel Bagg, University of Heidelberg

until 19:45



Discovery and Investigation of an Edomite Stronghold in the Petra Region (20 min)

Saad Tweissi, United Arab Emirates University

Which Edom? Synchronizing Written Sources and Archaeological Evidence for a Chronology of Ancient Edom (20 min)

Juan Manuel Tebes, Catholic University of Argentina

until 21:20

Discussions – and Closing of the Day

Thursday, June 10th


Opening of the Day


The Roads to Mansur: Reflections on a future Project on Drones, Surveys, and Routes in Southern Jordan (20 min)

Katharina Schmidt, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology Amman and Piotr Bienkowski, University of Manchester

Body Extensions for Survival: Female Terracotta Figurines South of Wadi Hasa (20 min)

Régine Hunziker-Rodewald and Andrei Aioanei, Université de Strasbourg

A view from the North (20 min)

Margreet Steiner

until 15:45


16:15- 16:55

Khirbat Barqa: An Iron Age Site on the Southern Periphery of Faynan (20 min)

Russell Adams, University of Waterloo

Excavations and Survey at Khirbat al-Dabba: A Late Iron Age Site in Context (20 min)

Charlotte Whiting, Aga Khan University  (canceled)

A Review of the Epigraphical Evidence from Edom (20 min)

Omar al Ghul, Yarmouk University

until 17:20



“Multifaceted Edom”: Final Discussions and Closing of the Conference

The presentations will be recorded and made available open access here.